Momentum After the March

To stay involved after the March, we invite you to join us in building AdvocateScience, a newly formed North Carolina 501(c)(3) which aims to convert passion for science into an impactful force. Together, we can build new spaces for engagement among scientists, science supporters, community leaders, and elected officials.


9:00 am: Begin gathering at Shaw University (Estey Hall)

10:00 am: Raleigh March for Science begins (~0.9 mile)

10:30 am to 2:00 pm: Community Science Fair (Moore Square)

12:00 to 2:00 pm: Rally at Moore Square

2:00 pm: Rally and Fair end

Looking for more details, maps, parking, and other info for the day of the March? Please click here!

Raleigh March for Science
National March for Science

Our 2017-2018 Initiatives

Organizational Networking

Our goal is to connect various scientific and community organizations in North Carolina to build a cohesive force. We plan to sponsor science-themed events throughout the state aimed at affecting real change that upholds the common good.

Policy Forums

We hope to host community oriented discussions related to the intersection of science and government. Our vision is of round table discussions between state and local politicians as well as local scientists and community leaders. We would like to include town hall style questions from an audience of students, professionals, and interested community members.

Bringing Classrooms to Science

We aim to organize with regional school boards and scientists to bring children the opportunity to learn first hand by organizing live, remote guest lectures and lab demonstrations, virtually bringing the classroom to the lab.

Policy Advocacy

We propose the creation of a Scientific Advisory Council. The Council’s purpose is to allow scientists to act politically while remaining separate from their professional roles. They would guide Advocate Science pertaining to legislative issues. If there is overwhelming consensus, Advocate Science as an organization would advocate on that issue. Issues would include: STEM education, funding for basic scientific research, and evidence-based policy in the public interest.

Local Science Map and Calendar

We are working to create a cohesive, publicly available map and calendar that displays where and when the public can interact with science in North Carolina. Our local museums, universities, and corporations involved in the sciences have areas and events that are open to the public. With this information coalesced into a single app, we can make it easy for community members to spend their days immersed in science, promoting a new type of science tourism benefiting our regional economy.

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Keep the momentum going by being a champion for science-friendly public policies in North Carolina.